Update and other things

Time for an update. The Hector Rail section has been updated. Part of the Hector Rail section has been rewrite and I have added some H0-stuf. Some other part of this site has been remove in advantages for a new site: Intermodal wagons.

Intermodal Wagons is a short intro to some of the wagons mentioned on this blog. In the future more wagons will be added to this site. The idea of this site is giving a short overview of a specific type of wagon, and which wagons in the real life can be purchased in the scale H0.

The TXL section is still waiting for an update about their trains in small scale, but in the meantime enjoy this little preview.




Lowliner part I

I have always think, that the semitrailer on Rocky Rails T3000 looks a bit odd. They are too big for a standard semitrailer nor it´s not a lowliner. But Herpa has made a lowliner, and such one was put in the basket. A few days later it arrived, and immediately put in the pocket of a Rocky Rail T3000.

When loading a lowliner into a T3000 in real life, the fifthwheel have to be adjusted into the lowest position, and the containerflaps has to be lowered too. The last thing is not possible on Rocky Rails model, but the fifthwheel can be removed.

First attempt to load a Herpa lowliner on a Rocky Rail T3000.


This is how it should looks like, when loading a lowliner on a T3000.


– and this is how it looks like in small scale.

The Herpa lowliner is not laying deep enough because of two things. The first thing is the giant kingpin, but that one can be cut of, or at least some of it. The next thing is the bottom of the wagon. The real T3000 has an irregular surface in the bottom. This surface is on the model fill out to make a nice, plane bottom, which actually makes the bottom too thick. It might be possible to cut or grind some holes for the wheels, but I´m not happy about that idea, so for now I´m back at square one.

Update 2017

It has been almost a year since the last time I wrote something on this site. And why not start the first post in a new year, with a new site. The new site is about the Scandinavia trains of TXL. Later on I will extend the site with TXL-trains in small scale, but for now the Intro is online. Keep watching.

New wagon: The T2000 from Roco

Finally a T2000 in H0 become available. A few days ago I recieve one of the announce T2000 from Roco. It is model of a Sdggmrs from AAE loaded with two semitrailers from Lauritzen. It is fine wagon in the usually known quality from Roco. The details are nice, the text readable and no problems about the running.

On the real wagons flaps are attached on the sides, and can be turned up for loading containers and swapbodies. On the model these flaps, the yellow ones in the picture, has to be changed for either ones turning up or down and that can be a bit tricky. There is another option for loading containers. Roco has made some beams very alike those from the Roco T1. When loading containers the fifth-wheel has to be moved, and that´s not easy. In the future my T2000 will only be used for semitrailers.

Roco T2000 med Lauritzen_3

The T2000 from Roco with two semitrailer from Lauritzen.


Roco T2000 med Lauritzen_2

A closer look on one half of the T2000.


Roco T2000 med Samskip og Van Dieren

The T2000 loaded with a semitrailer and a container. The container is put on the beams.

Roco News 2015

Some “rumours” about the Roco News for 2015 can be found at this page –> http://www.mostviertler-modellbahnhof.at/info.htm#aktuelles

Some of them are already known, and of course some are not. What I found interesting is 5 more doublepocketwagon Sdggmrs. I have added these 5 wagons to list in Roco Sdggmrs(s) Double Pocket Wagon. It is worth noteable, that most of these wagons fits very well with Rocky Rails Sdggmrs, if you want to make whole trains like the LKW Walter.

New section: HUPAC Norfolkline

Another section has been added to this blog. This time it´s about one of HUPAC´s train: The Norfolkline.

At this time a description of the wagons in this train is still missing. The HUPAC Norfolkline consist of so many different wagons, that I could write a new section alone about this topic.

Anyway, the section is now open, and also open for updates. Enjoy.

Waiting For Godot

If you logging into the Roco homepaige at the moment, you will learn that the Sdggmrs-wagons has suffered a slighly delayed, almost 2 years!!! Now they are announced in the shops second quarter 2016. And what does that mean?

For me, I have a couple of trains, I can´t finished the way I planned including mine Hector Rail Van Dieren train. Now I have to considered other wagons, which will not be the correct ones, or I simply have to wait.

Kombimodell has also announced the same wagons several years ago. Now they actually have a chance to be the first with these wagons. Maybe they are here tomorrow??